My Ministry

While grounded in the Christian tradition, I have been a life-long spiritual seeker open to grace beyond its boundaries. The many threads of my life and the countless wonderful people who have touched it have led me to a deep appreciation for the many paths human beings follow to the Divine. The Ecumenical Catholic Communion is my home.

What might we do together? So many things!

I am licensed as an officiant of marriage in the state of Minnesota. I’m a passionate teacher and preacher, and a leader of prayer for the Charis Ecumenical Catholic Community in the southwest metro. I am ordained as a priest of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion in their service. In addition to my ministry credentials, I have a PhD in theology.  I love leading retreats and find particular joy in serving youth and young adults. Click through to Charis to see my current class offerings!

I’ve helped couples and families create rituals and services that speak to the needs of the moment that also honor the religious and spiritual values that have shaped their lives. Sometimes, this involves creatively interweaving threads from various traditions; I have a deep respect for all the great faith traditions and serve on the board of the Interfaith Circle. I have worked with people who embrace a range of belief systems, including Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Jews, people who embrace 12 Step Spirituality and those who are agnostic. You’ll decide if the ritual is going to be formal or casual, traditional or lighthearted, and we’ll work together to craft it. I have loads of resources at my fingertips, but I also delight in the creative new ideas people bring to me.

Rituals disclose the deep meaning of life’s important moments, and we work together to shape the ritual that best expresses your heart’s longing for the event you’re celebrating, whether that’s a marriage, a funeral, a baby welcoming or an adoption entrustment.

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