Trish Vanni was an absolute treasure to work with. When Ben and I were looking for an officiant, we really didn’t know what kind of individual we were looking for. But when we sat down with Trish for an introductory meeting, I walked away confident that she was who we wanted presiding over our ceremony. She was extremely flexible with our creative liberties- making sure the ceremony program was exactly how Ben and I wanted it to be. She was also a very reassuring presence, the day before and on the day of. As a bride, 24-48 hours before your wedding, you are completely exhausted and don’t have a lot more brain power left to think! So to have Trish there, guiding the wedding party along the program, step by step, was a life saver. It was also an incredibly HOT day on our wedding and Trish braved through the heat like a complete champ! If you are looking for an officiant that is open to new ideas and willing to listen to your needs, Trish would be the perfect choice.  Ben and Anna

Trish was a wonderful officiant. She made us feel calm and comfortable throughout the entire process of planning through the ceremony itself. She was open to our ideas while adding her own expertise. The actual ceremony was incredibly special and her homily was beautifully written and delivered. She helped to make our day unforgettable. Sarah and Sarah

My husband and I were looking to find someone to officiate our wedding. Trish got back to us soon after my fiance reached out to her. She had us meet with her to go over what we would like to include in our ceremony along with follow up emails and calls.  She was always there for any questions we had. Trish gave us a few ideas because seriously we had NO CLUE what we wanted. Since this was our 2nd wedding each, we wanted something short, sweet and to the point. Trish provided us with just that. The ceremony was just what we hoped for. Not to long but not too short. I would not hesitate to recommend Trish to anyone who is in need her services. Thanks again Trish for such a wonderful ceremony!  Mark and Pam


Trish Vanni is a wonderful presenter for teenagers. Trish has presented to our confirmation candidates the past few years and the teens love her! Trish make’s theology and catechesis engaging and relevant for young people. She is not afraid to tackle the hot topics and big questions. Trish challenges young people to go deep and think for themselves and to engage in the life and mission of the Church. Trish is an excellent communicator and minister!  Peter


Trish brought us much comfort as she worked with us to plan a service that honored our deceased brother’s fun-loving approach to life. Trish captured in words the special, unique qualities of our brother, and she selected and shared the most revealing of our memories and stories of him. She helped us find meaningful readings and music appropriate for a man who believed in God, but was not religious.  Many after the service commented on her ability to bring light, love and spirit to a room full of grieving people, many of whom did not know each other.  She created a community that celebrated our brother’s life.  Jan and Linda