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“Lent is a path…” Pope Francis

Return to me with all your heart… return to the Lord” (Jl 2:12, 13). The prophet Joel makes this plea to the people in the Lord’s name. No one should feel excluded: “Assemble the aged, gather the children, even infants at the breast, the bridegroom… and the bride” (v. 16). All the faithful people are… Continue reading “Lent is a path…” Pope Francis


A Church that Young Adult Catholics Can Believe In

My friend Nicole Sotelo, who is an astute observe of life in the Roman Catholic Church, wrote an article worth reading. "Where are the young people? It's a common question at Catholic parishes across the country, and soon church officials may understand why so many have left. The Vatican has invited bishops to fill out… Continue reading A Church that Young Adult Catholics Can Believe In


Jesus, the Center of It All

I had the joy of praying with the Immanuel Lutheran community for Ash Wednesday. Here is Pastor Paul Nelson's reflection on the Gospel and the day. Tonight, we begin our journey of reflection and repentance called Lent, a time to contemplate our daily discipleship more deeply, be honest about how we fall in sin and selfishness,… Continue reading Jesus, the Center of It All