Lent inspiration from Fr. Ed Foley





Ars Praedicandi: Ed Foley’s Homily for the First Sunday of Lent, Year A


by Fr. Ed Foley, Capuchin. 

At this stage of the season
at this stage of the liturgy
it is an exercise in the obvious
to announce that it is Lent …

If we don’t know that
from the music,
the vestments,
the sung Kyrie …
and all the other liturgical signals,
then announcing it in the sermon seems a touch futile.

Knowing that it is Lent,
and understanding the meaning of Lent, however,
are not coterminous.

As illustrated by the decidedly untrue story
of the brilliant magician performing on a cruise ship:

Unfortunately every time he did a trick
the captain’s parrot would yell
“It’s a trick, he’s a phony, that’s not magic”

One evening during a storm while magician was performing,
the ship sank,
the parrot and magician ended up in the same lifeboat.
For several days they just glared at each other
without speaking.

Finally on day three the parrot piped up, and said
“Ok, I give up, what did you do with the ship?”

Having an experience does not always mean that we understand it.
Likewise. experiencing Lent does not ensure
an authentic, even Christian grasp of the season.

And of course innumerable interpretations of Lent abound.

Read the rest of this inspiring, thought-generating homily at the Pray Tell blog.

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